Functional methods in teaching and therapy KA2 project


2020-1-FI01-KA202-066555, 1.9.202-31.8.2023

We want to play our part in helping children and young people to get more

active, get positive experiences about moving and exercising and encourage them to be more

active both in kindergartens and schools and in their on free time. In this way, we can also

help keep children and young people active and active learners. Different countries have

different teaching methods and by combining our methods and ideas we could create totally

new innovative ways and functional teaching methods to teach and keep the children active.

We have seven organizations from all over Europe involved in the project.In this

project we are going to develop and collect good practises around Europe and from different

age groups –from early childhood education to high school and vocational training.

We believe that the project will produce new and innovative teaching methods

for use by educators and trainers across Europe. It may also result in the transfer of physical

exercise methods into the working days of educators and trainers, and thus in the promotion

of working life.